Timeless Video

Nana Etta Makes Ravioli
Nana Etta Makes Manicotti
Nana Etta Makes Braciole
Nana Etta Makes Spiedini
Nana Etta Makes Cream Puffs

2012 Pictures / Video
John & Penny National Ballroom Competition
John & Penny Cruise to Bermuda
November 2012 Pictures
Deanna UNT Graduation

2011 Pictures / Video

June Family Photos
John & Penny National Ballroom Competition

2010 Pictures / Video

New Years with Dave and Rick
John & Penny Cruise

2009 Pictures / Video

John and Penny's Wedding Halloween 2009
High Point Classic Ballroom Competition
Penny's Bridal Shower
Country Sway Kate Dan JD Penny Andy Beth
John and Penny do Vegas
Summer Sizzler Ballroom Competition Video - International Standard
Summer Sizzler Ballroom Competition Video - American Smooth
Poppy's Birthday at Kates
John & Penny @ Bill Bobs
Steve & Deb leave town
Dan and Andy's Birthday
John and Penny's Engagement
Atlantic Beach Bash
Mia's Graduation Party
Summer Sizzler Dance Competition
Unforgettable (Video)
Predator Beach Kite (Video)
Easter Cuckoo Video
Emma's Easter Video
Easter at Daves
National Ballroom Competition Pictures
National Ballroom Competition Video
Kates's Birthday Weekend
Triangle Open Waltz Video
Triangle Open Ballroom Competition Pictures
Jerry's 50th Birthday Weekend
Jerry's 50th Birthday Video

Knoxville Ballroom Competition Pictures
Knoxville Ballroom Competition Video 1
Knoxville Ballroom Competition Video 2

2008 Pictures / Video

Orlando Ballroom Competition Video
Orlando Dance Camp
John's Birthday 2008
Gram's Farewell Gathering
Video from the Gathering
July 2008
Jerry's New Camper

2007 Pictures

Jackie's Coming Home Party
Kate at Dale Drive
Kate in Millington / Chatham
Deanna and Mia in Oriental
Deanna 's Graduation
Hannah's Bday & Grams house
Jackie's Going Away Party
Karaoke Kates Bday

2006 Pictures
Deanna's Senior Pictures
Dan Deanna Lola Zach
Kates 50th (Party 1)
Kates 50th (Party 2) Page 1
Kates 50th (Party 1) Page 2

2005 Pictures
At the beach for Poppy's 75th
Gram's 94th Birthday

2004 Pictures
July 3rd  Picnic
Florida in January
Army Pictures from Dan

2003 Pictures
Dan's Army Induction
Christmas time 2003
Thanksgiving II 2003
Camping at Raystown Lake
Some July 4rh Pix
Family Picnic 2003
Sailing June 30th with Kate's Crew
Danny's Prom
Sail Boat #3 ???
Oriental N.C. property
Sailing Pictures
President's Day Storm

2002 Pictures
Sailing in Florida
Christmas in Raleigh and Florida
Robby's Birthday
Cruise on Costa with Jack Leanne Bill Joann
Robby's Birthday
JD's pre 50th Birthday Page 1
JD's pre 50th Birthday Page 2
Golfing in November
Danny's 18th Birthday
Dave's Surprise 40th Pg1
Dave's Surprise 40th Pg2
Hannah's 2nd Birthday Party  Pg 1
Hannah's 2nd Birthday Party  Pg 2
At Rick's Beach House
Nana Etta's 91st Birthday  Pg 1
Nana Etta's 91st Birthday  Pg 2

2001 Pictures

Cruise to the Sothern Carribean
Deanna/Mia Birthday Party Sept. 16
Back to School 2001
Nana Etta's 90th Birthday
Dan Fuhrman's 40th Birthday
John, Rick and Dave on the Golf Course

2000 Pictures

Jan 2000
Family Picnic 2000
Kate and Dan's Wedding
Hannah Maeve DeFino
Layla Ann DeFino
July 2000 Visit to Jack and Leanne's
New Years party at Nana Etta's
After Thanksgiving Party
Christmas 2000

1999 Pictures

Christmas at Kate's in Raleigh
Disney Cruise 1999
October and November 1999 pictures
ThanksGiving 1999
Some misc 98 pictures are here.
The Family Picnic 6/20/99


3D Anaglyphs.

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Great Moments In DeFino History
Random Images from the Archive
Great Moments In DeFino History
Random Images from the Archive

What's Happening

Kate has a site for her Music Classes.
John and Penny have a Ballroom Dance Site.
Checkout John's Nautical Desktop Clock Program.
See if the Oriental N.C. Intracoastal Waterway Live Cam is online.
John and Penny's Nimble Arctic Sailboat.

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