pix1p1.gif Our Wedding Took Place
November 14, 2009
This site has
photos, video, and stories
from the 2 days of celebration

  • Wedding Ceremony:
    Our Wedding Ceremony was a small, private, ceremony attended by immediate family on the morning of Nov. 14, at about 11:00AM, at the beach pavillion at Fort Macon (Atlantic Beach NC). The weather was overcast but pleasant. The temperature was in the mid 60s with light wind. The bath-house at Fort Macon provided some shelter from the wind. We had a Live Internet Broadcast of the Wedding Ceremony for those who could not attend.
    Wedding Party
    Maid of Honor - Chris Ameen
    Flower Girl - Miranda Ameen
    Ring Bearer - Nathan Ameen
    Best Man - Dave DeFino
    Giving the Bride - Ted Ameen
    Ushers - Dan Fuhrman, Andy Lelewer
    Special Music - Kate DeFino
    Photography - Andy Lelewer

  • The Reception:
    The Reception was a reception / dance party held at the Leon Mann Senior Center in Morehead City. The Reception went from 6:30pm to 10:30pm . We entered the building at 3:30 that day to setup. About 100 people came.
    The reception included:
    An opening prayer by Dan Fuhrman
    A first Husband and Wife dance by Penny & John
    Line dance led by (reluctant) Penny's Mom
    Song performance of "Unforgettable" by Dan and Kate Fuhrman
    Dance Performance by Andy and Beth
    Plenty of General Dancing
    And the usual Wedding Reception Activities

  • Pre-Reception:
    We had a pre-reception the night before the wedding (Friday) at the Crystal Coast School of the Arts studio. This was mainly a learn-to-dance night with Andy and Beth giving a lesson in the elctric slide and Foxtrot. They also put together a nice spread of food and wine so the lesson turned into a party. With wine served at an intermission, the second half of the lesson was a little "louder". About 40 people showed up for this event.

    Photo Pages

    Pre-reception Photos
    These photos were taken at the Learn-to-Dance pre-reception on Friday night November 13th.

    Pre-Ceremony Photos
    These photos were taken at the men's breakfast on the day of the wedding, at Cris' house where the girls prepare, as well as at the Fort Macon facility as all wait for the bride and her party to enter.

    Wedding Ceremony Photos
    Photos taken during the short Ceremony

    Photo Session
    After the ceremony, we all posed for some pictures near the water.

    Preparation for Reception
    These photos were taken as we all prepared for the evening reception.

    Wedding Reception Photos
    Photos from the Reception at the Leon Mann Senior Center.

    Misc. Friends and Family Photos
    More general photos.


    Photo Session
    A video showing what went on as the photographers tried to get pictures after the ceremony.

    Reception Opening Song
    Kate sings "When God Made You" to open the wedding reception as a video plays behind her showing the ceremony that took place earlier in the day.

    Bride and Groom Make Entrance
    The bride and groom are announced and enter. All gather around as Dan prepares for the opening prayer for the couple.

    First Dance
    The couple's first dance. It proved rather interesting as the wedding dress was a bit long for dancing. The couple had to adjust as they danced.

    Dave's Toast
    Best man , Dave, makes a toast the couple.

    General Dancing
    Video of different couples during some of the ballroom dancing. Included is Ted's attempt to copy Andy during a quickstep. It also shows the short break dance competition at the end.

    Group Dancing
    Video of group dances like the Electric Slide, YMCA and the Conga Line.
    pix0p1.jpgThe Engagement:
    You can see a page
    about the Engagement here
    Penny's Office held a bridal shower on Oct. 15. Here is a Link to the Photos of the party.pix5p1.jpg